Weert: 46 foals added to collection

28 July 2015

Weert – The fifth and last selection round was held in Weert today. Equestrian Center De IJzeren Man was the location where is was held. Over 140 breeders brought there foal to Weert in order to find out whether their foal could be added to the collection.

The selection committee selected 18 dressage and 28 jumping foals. The foals as follows:

1. Patton of the Paddocks, a colt by Cornet Obolensky out of a Nabab de Reve x Nimmerdor dam.

3. Kenzo, a colt by Cardento out of a Quidam de Revel x Calvaro dam.

5. Kenny, a colt by Fly out of a Grand Corrado x Farn dam.

6. Kishi Reves Diamond, a filly out of a Nabab de Reve out of a Indoctro x Ahorn dam.

10. Prince of the Paddocks, a colt by Thunder van de Zuuthoeve out of a Corofino x Masetto dam.


11. Edwina TG, a filly by Emillion out of a Heartbreaker x Oula Owl dam.

13. Caschicon, a colt by Casall out of a Chin Chin x Contender dam.

20. Kyano AL, a colt by Clarimo out of a Contender x Lavado dam.

22. So Lovely Z, a filly by Trooper de Nes out of a Cornet Obolensky x Calypso dam.

23. Bandi Z, a colt by Bustique out of a Lux x Elmshorn dam.


27. Kolivar, een hengtveulen van Colestus out of a Plot Blue x Kashmir van Schuttershof dam.

32. Zodiak du Boisson Z, a colt by Zirocco Blue out of a Dutch Capitol x Wolfgang dam.

35. Kelesta, a filly by Berlin out of a Heartbreaker x Cash dam.

37. Kalocia Z, a filly by Connect out of a Roven x Burggraaf dam.

40. Charm du Buisson Z, a filly by Cicero Z out of a Mr. Blue x Ksarset Z dam.


46. Comodin Z, a colt by Carrera VDL out of a Canturo x Grannus dam.

47. Karolis TVL, a colt by Contendro I out of a Casco x Ekstein dam.

56. Vamos, een hengtveulen van Vigo d’Arsouilles out of a Chellano Z x Damiro B dam.

61. Krack Especiale, a colt by F-One USA out of a Indoctro x Voltaire dam.

62. Kingsbury HPE, a colt by Vigo d’Arsouilles out of a Voltaire x Indoctro dam.


68. Corona Z, a filly out of a Comilfo Plus Z out of a Calvaro Z x Carthago Z dam.

73. Kylander, a colt by Arezzo VDL out of a G. Ramiro Z x Renville dam.

74. Naam onbekend, a colt by Flying Dream out of a Chacco Blue x Ircolando dam.

79. King London’s Diamond, a filly by London out of a Mr. Blue x Indoctro dam.

80. Konstantin, a colt by Grand Slam VDL out of a Indoctro x Voltaire dam.


85. Kengy, a colt by Comme il Faut out of a Balou du Rouet x Corleone dam.

87. Kwish T, a colt by Kannan out of a Ultimo x Numero Uno dam.

90. Kapitein, a colt by Fandango out of a Fighting Alpha x Darco dam.

104. Pacman, a colt by Sixth Sense out of a Nonstop x Bigarreau dam.

112. Kireina, a filly by George Clooney out of a Jazz x Krack C dam.


116. Kristy, a filly by Fairytale out of a Dutch Dormello x Kennedy dam.

121. Kyliana, a filly by Charmeur out of a United x Vincent dam.

122. Kyra May, a filly by Governor out of a Future x Pour Gagne dam.

124. King, a colt by Johnson out of a Negro x G. Ramiro Z dam.

126. Kasandro Toto H, a colt by Glock’s Toto Jr. Out of a Zizi Top x San Remo dam.


127. Kastaar van ’t Kattenbo, a colt by Negro out of a Samber x Recruut dam.

131. Naam onbekend, a colt by Fürstenball out of a Weltmeyer x Akzent dam.

136. Kadanz Vika, a foal by Dreamboy out of a Mendel x Voltaire dam.

138. King of Dale, a colt by Lord Leatherdale out of a Negro x Du Moulin dam.

148. Kings Diamant, a colt by Giovanni out of a Jazz x Belisar dam.

150. Kreta DE, a filly by Blue Hors Farrell out of a Belissimo M x Jazz dam.

151. Kiara, a filly by Everdale out of a Westpoint x Houston dam.

152. Kristie, a filly by Giovanni out of a Van the Man x Jazz dam.

155. Kolinda, a filly by Ferdeaux out of a Sir Oldenburg x Jazz dam.

156. Kardashian HH, a filly by Glamourdale out of a Kennedy x Wellington dam.

157. Keyerstone, uit hengstveulen van Firestone out of a Lord Loxley x Kennedy dam.