Foals show off during photo day in Kessel

2 August 2016

Yesterday the jumping collection of the Limburg Foal auction has been photographed at Stal Hendrix in Kessel. Beautiful pictures and videos have been made of the foals for the purpose of promotion. It was a very successful day with beautiful weather and a good team.

The foals put their best feet forward. Digishots made the photos and Clipmyhorse was responsible for the videos. The veterinary practice Ell and veterinarian Emile Gijsen were present to submit the foals to a veterinary inspection.

Today the dressage foals are put on photo and video. However, the wether is not good so the location is moved to Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen.

The photos and videos will soon be available on the website.

An impression of the day:

LUC_9282 LUC_9277 LUC_9180 LUC_9156 LUC_9132 LUC_9111   LUC_8618 LUC_8800 LUC_8908LUC_9076 LUC_8644 LUC_8850 LUC_8866  LUC_8751 LUC_8829