Successful photo days

9 August 2019

KRONENBERG – Last week the photo days for the Limburgse Veulenveiling took place on Monday July 29, Tuesday July 30 and Wednesday July 31. Thanks to the team consisting of more than 30 people, it was again a great success and all 137 foals were beautifully captured on photo and video. The result of these photo days will soon be available on the website.

 Extra photo day
Just like the photo days in 2018, we had really high temperatures. For this reason, the committee decided to move to the indoor area of Equestrian Center de Peelbergen so that it was more pleasant for both the foals and the team. What was different compared to last year, was that this year not two but three photo days were held. The extra photo day was specially organized to record all the foals that were selected for the new online auction. The collection for the auction now consists of 102 foals of which 73 jumping foals and 29 dressage foals. 35 foals were selected for the online auction, of which 26 were jumping foals and 9 were dressage foals.

Great team
Thanks to our team, the end result has become fantastic. While our super runners made sure that the foals showed themselves at their best, Digishots and ClipMyHorse were ready to record this as optimally as possible. Veterinary Practice Ell was present again to thoroughly examine all the foals in advance so that we are guaranteed with healthy foals at the auction. We are again very grateful to this super team for all their efforts during these days.

The entire collection will soon be available on the website.