Limburg Foal Auction specializes in jumping foals

14 October 2019

From 2020, the Limburg Foal Auction will focus entirely on jumping foals. In the past 19 editions they have always had the upper hand within the collection, which is appropriate for the breeding area, but now this specialization is being continued. In terms of jumping foals, the Limburg Foal Auction has developed into one of the top auctions of the Netherlands and last edition an average price of more than 10,000 euros was achieved.

In the southeast of the Netherlands, the focus is on breeding jumping horses and the collections of the Limburg Foal Auction have always been a good reflection of this. The majority of the foals have always been jumping bred. “We really tried our best to also create sales for the breeders of dressage foals, because we certainly have them in our area,” says Paul Hendrix. “We have attracted people who know the dressage sports and breeding world inside out, but for various reasons it has proved difficult to sell the dressage foals well at our auction.”

Strong breeding area
The Limburg Foal Auction has been taking place since 2016 at the Equestrian Center De Peelbergen in Kronenberg, the day after the showjumper auction Dutch Sport Horse Sales which is also organized by Stal Hendrix. In addition, the auction is blessed with a strong group of loyal breeders, who are very serious about breeding the show jumpers of the future. That has already led to a long list of successful references in show jumping. As a result, the international buyers are also focussed on jumping and without real outliers it appears to be difficult to bring the right buyers and dressage foals together at the auction. “We are dealing with a very strong breeding area regarding the jumping foals and the previous editions have also proven that good prices are being paid for this. Despite all the efforts, the results of the dressage foals stayed behind, which made us decide to continue with what our strength is: the jumping foals,” concludes Hendrix. The 20th edition will take place on Wednesday the 23th of September in 2020.