Hello Blue and Donna Speciale won classes in July

9 August 2019

Also in the month of July, good international sport results were achieved by horses that were part of the collections of the Limburg Foal Auction as a foal. There are remarkable top 10 results achieved by the following horses:

Donna Speciale (Cavalier x Concorde, breeder G. Houtvast from Schimmert) 1st in 1.50m, 2nd in 1.50m and 4th in 1.55m Grand Prix at CSI3 * Bromont with Leslie Burr-Howard
Hello Blue (Henkie-Penkie, Plot Blue x Orlando van de Heffinck, breeder P. Verberne from Sint-Oedenrode) 1st in 1.35m and 8th in 1.35m on CSIYH1 * San Giovanni with Domenico Morosoli (pictured)
H&M Extra (Berlin x Heartbreaker, breeder Grad van de Winkel from Smakt) 4th in 1.60m CSIO5 * Aachen with Olivier Philippaerts
Donanso (Vingino x Manhattan, breeder H.K.A. van Dijck from Holthees) 9th in 1.60m Grand Prix at CSI4 * Samorin with Antonio Alfonso
Cas 2 (Indoctro x Numero Uno, breeder Th. Tax from Blitterswijck) 2nd in 1.45m Grand Prix with Harrie Smolders
Dundee van de Marienshof (Cicero Z x Libero H, breeder Stal Marienshof from Asse) 6th in 1.60m Grand Prix and 10th in 1.60m Grand Prix CSI4 * Samorin with Roberto Arioldi
Canturino (Canturano x Lord Calando, breeder L.C.J. Berben from Meijel) 8th in 1.50m, 8th in 1.45m and 10th in 1.50m on CSIY-A Valkenswaard with Clara Hallundbaek
Ginger-Blue (Plot Blue x Royal Bravour, breeder P. Verberne of Sint-Oedenrode) 3rd in 1.45m on CSIYH1 * Hickstead and 7th in 1.45m Grand Prix, 8th in 1.45m on CSI2 * Keysoe with Ben Maher
Dexter (Wittinger VDL x Heartbreaker, breeder Coen Goumans from Smakt) 2nd in 1.45m Grand Prix at CSI2 * Fontainebleau with Charlie Jones
Ermindo W (Singapore x Carinjo, breeder Kees de Wit from Reuver) 4th in 1.50m, 9th in 1.50m and 9th in 1.45m on CSIO5 * Hickstead and 6th in 1.45m and 8th in 1.50m on CSIO5 * Falsterbo with Rolf- Göran Bengtsson
Parrandero (Classe V.P., Clarimo Ask x Cassini I, breeder M.T.G. Vossen from Heibloem) 5th in 1.40m and 10th in 1.40m on CSIYH1 * Calgary with Enrique Gonzalez
Aristoteles V (Padinus x Lux, breeder Sjra Vullers from Nunhem) 2nd in 1.40m on CSI3 * Ottawa with Jonathan McCrea
Haranka (Captain Cooper x Colander, breeder F.A.G. de Crom from Someren) 5th in 1.35m, 7th in 1.35m and 7th in 1.35m on CSIYH1 * Samorin with Zuzana Zelinkova