Wanssum: 5 dressage foals and 18 jumping foals added to collection

20 June 2017

After the first selection round in Panningen last month, the counter was on ten foals. Ten talented foals of which the selection committee was able to commit to the Limburg Foal Auction that will take place on September 27th. Yesterday, during the selection round in Wanssum, five dressage foals and 18 jumping foals were added to the collection.

In total 65 foals entered the arena yesterday during the selection round at the equestrian premises of Jos and Trudi Houwen. This was also the first selection opportunity for dressage foals. These are the foals that have definitely been selected for the Limburg Foal Auction. The number correspond to the order of go.

Dressage foals

●12 Mac Liberty, a colt by Daily Diamond out of a Montecristo x Balzflug dam.
● 13 Memphis B, a colt by Fürst Romancier out of a Spielberg x Sandro Hit dam.
● 22 May Scheriff, a colt by Dreamboy out of a Jazz x G. Ramiro Z dam.
● 25 Maxim N, a colt by Glock’s Toto Jr. out of a Johnson x Uptown dam.
● 26 Michigan B, a colt by Ebony out of a Bojengel x Jetset D dam.

Jumping foals

● 31 Magic Sina JB, a filly by Elvis ter Putte out of a Zacharov x Corland dam.
● 37 Marianca SEP, a filly by Harley VDL out of a Marlon x Nimmerdor dam.
● 39 Mister V, a colt by Hermantico out of a Voltaire x Le Mexico dam.
● 40 Medoc, a filly by Untouchable out of a Numero Uno x Quattro dam.
● 48 Meruso, a colt by Global Expres out of a Numero Uno x Ramiro Z dam.
● 53 Mante, a filly by Zirocco Blue VDL out of a Berlin x Purioso dam.
● 55 Migo, a colt by Vigo d’Arsouilles out of a Namelus R x Voltaire dam.
● 58 Mr. Berlin, a colt by Berlin out of a Lancelot x Farn dam.
● 60 Urbanus, a colt by Ultimo van ter Moude out of a Clinton x Quidam de Revel dam.
● 65 Mia Bella, a filly by Ultimo van ter Moude out of a Casantos x Manhattan dam.
● 66 Mucinda, a filly by Berlin out of a Heartbreaker x Concorde dam.
● 68 Der Over van de Gangerhoeve, a filly by Dominator out of a Quintero x Carthago dam.
● 71 Mathijs Vinia MB, a filly by Balou de Rouet out of a Grosso Z x Abgar dam.
● 75 Zlatan, a colt by Zambesi out of a Burggraaf x Jasper dam.
● 76 Mowgli, a colt by Chapeau TN out of a Argentinus x Grannus dam.
● 77 Meventum, a colt by Diamant de Semilly out of a Cassini I x Caretino dam.
● 78 Naam onbekend, a colt by Zirocco Blue VDL out of a Corland x Indoctro dam.
● 82 Max, a colt by Casago out of a Voltaire x Jasper dam.

The next selection round will take place on July 3rd at Van Olst Horses in Den Hout. This is only for dressage foals. Register your foal here.