Van Olst Horses new partner for Limburg Foal Auction

22 April 2013

The Limburg Foal Auction is a KWPN foal auction that has a splendid reputation, both national and international. Since the first edition in 2001, the Limburg Foal Auction belongs to the top of Dutch foal auctions. However, the last 3 years the supply of dressage foals leaves a lot to be desired. But this is about to change. The auction starts a collaboration that will turn the tide.
Van Olst Horses
.. Gertjanvanolstklein
Stallion keeper Gertjan van Olst.
For the 2013-edition, the Limburg Foal Auction will work together with Van Olst Horses. This collaboration guarantees an increase of the number of dressage foals in the auction collection.
Van Olst Horses is an all-round equestrian company that is located in Den Hout, Brabant province. The company is owned by Gertjan and Anne van Olst. Van Olst about the realisation of the new partnership: ‘I have always closely followed the Limburg Foal Auction. Unfortunately I saw that the number of dressage foals was declining the last few years. I then started thinking about how I, as a stud keeper, could do something about it.’
The solution came from Brabant and has been taken on board in Limburg. Van Olst supplies between 8 and 15 dressage foals for the selection days of the Limburg Foal Auction. These foals will personally be selected by Van Olst. Because his profession as a stallion keeper, he knows many breeders and is well informed were the best foals are bred.
Van Olst: ‘I think that the breeding of dressage horses in the south of The Netherlands, and certainly in Limburg, deserves attention and support. I only have to look into our own stables to see that breeders from Limburg are successful breeders of dressage horses. For example our stallion Netto, he was bred by T. Bouten from Horst and P. Steeghs from Wanssum. But also the KWPN stallion Everdale has roots in Limburg. His dam-line originates from the Geelen family in Hunsel. One of Anne’s Grand Prix horses Exquis Taikoen is bred out of the dam-line of F. Wetemans from Leveroy. But also Anne’s new top-horse Zidhane was bred in Limburg: by T. Allers from Neer.
Limburg breeders 
.. Limburgse Veulenveiling 2013 © DigiShots
The auction annually attracks many spectators.
The first 11 editions were organised by the Foundation Limburg Foal Auction. The auction was then taken over by Stal Hendrix. The 2012 edition was de first Limburg Foal Auction that was organised under the aegis of this reputable sales barn. The take-over resulted in a real  boost. Both export figures and the average auction price rose substantially.
Paul Hendrix: ‘The majority of the Limburg breeders traditionally breed jumping horses. It is only logical that we saw more jumping foals at our selection days. Breeders from Limburg that own a good dressage foal tend to choose other foal auctions where more dressage foals are being auctioned, like Borculo. Because auctions that offer more dressage foals, also attract more buyers of dressage foals.’
‘We could have chosen to completely quit auctioning dressage foals’, Hendrix says. ‘But we want to offer a sales channel for all Limburg breeders, also the ones that breed dressage horses. That is why we responded positively to Gertjan’s proposal. It is a name we willingly add to our high quality auction. In addition, we think that a foal auction should be a reflection of the breeding area of where the auction is held. This idea is maintained by this change.’
Both equestrian entrepreneurs think that this new partnership could convince Limburg breeders with a dressage foal to participate in this year’s auction.
The selection days of the Limburg Foal Auction will take place on the following days:
1st selection day    Panningen         Tuesday May 28th       18:00 hours
2nd selection day   Wanssum          Monday June 24th       17:30 hours
3rd selection day    Koningsbosch    Monday July 22nd       18:00 hours
4th selection day    Weert                Monday July 29th        15:00 hours
The Limburg Foal Auction is being held on Wednesday September 25th. The location is Dressage and Jumping Stable ‘De IJzeren Man’ in Weert.