The collection is complete

29 July 2014

The last selection round of the Limburg Foal Auction was held yesterday. Over 130 breeders came to the venue of De IJzereren Man in the city of Weert to present their dressage or jumping foal. It is always the busiest selection round of the in total five rounds. The committee selected 25 jumping and 18 dressage foals. The final collection contains 111 foals, of which 69 jumping and 42 dressage foals.

These foals got selected in Weert. The numbers correspond with the starting list that can be found here.

8. Odelie van de Celiebrug, a filly by Ogano Sitte out of a Accord II x Goldspring de Lauzelle dam. Breeder: F. Engels from Sint-Laureins.

10. Antje Z, a filly by Asca Z out of a Corrado I x Caretino dam. Breeder: F. Van Os from Uden.

12. Jair, a colt by Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve out of a Ahorn Z x Indoctro dam. Fokker A. van de Mortel from Kelpen-Oler.

16. Jambalaya K, a filly by Douglas out of a Lux x Cor de la Bryere dam. Breeder: H. Kleuters  from Merkelbeek.

34. Naam Onbekend, a filly by Action Breaker out of a Contender x Quidam de Revel dam. Breeder: E. Sleutels from Roggel.

36. Joy-Vera, a filly by Numero Uno out of a Clinton x Bernstein dam. Breeder: M. Stultiens  from Weert.

37. Ouragan of the Paddock, a colt by Deister out of a Alligator Fontaine x Fergar Mail dam. Breeder: A. Mornie from Gent.

39. Jacky Boy, a colt by Toulon out of a Cardino x Sir Shostakov dam. Breeder: A. van Santen from Culemborg.

40. Jelesta, a filly by Berlin out of a Heartbreaker x Cash dam. Breeder: W. Winnen  from Venray.

41. Jappaloep SA, a colt by Eldorado van de Zeshoek out of a Coriano Z x Landgraf I dam. Breeder: Th. Sanders from Grubbenvorst.

44. Jaxon SF, a colt by Colman out of a Casco x Contender dam. Breeder: H. Huis in ’t Veld  from Lettele.

49. Naam Onbekend, a colt by Numero Uno out of a Darco x Brave Johnny XX dam. Breeder: Th. Alders from Sambeek.

53. Naam Onbekend, a colt by Jilbert van ’t Ruytershof out of a Oklund x Equador dam. Breeder: C. Kuijpers from Helvoirt.

55. Naam Onbekend, a colt by Jilbert van ’t Ruytershof out of a Koriander x Landlord dam. Breeder: Q. van Erp from Boekel.

56. Javelot, a colt by El Primero out of a Calido I x Voltaire dam. Breeder: G. Pouwels  from Venlo.

59. Joepie, a colt by Marius Claudius out of a Royal Bravour x Naturel dam. Breeder: J. Litjens  from Wanssum.

68. Jabario, a colt by Vittorio out of a Concorde x Wolfgang dam. Breeder: Th. van Delft from Oud-Turnhout.

69. James VGH, a colt by Voltaire out of a Ustinov x Darco dam. Breeder: K. Curfs from Voerendaal.

70. Levista Z, a filly by Levisto Z out of a Indoctro x L. Ronald dam. Breeder: F. Vaessen from Weert.

73. Jolly Jumper S, a colt by Star Power out of a Quattro x Ulft dam. Breeder: G. Sjerps from Gendt.

75. Just Especiale, a filly by Cardento out of a Indoctro x Voltaire dam. Breeder: G.J.W. Verstappen in combinatie met Delissen-Verstappen from Swalmen.

76. Jolli Jumper, a colt by Flying Dream out of a Perion x Vainqueur dam. Breeder: P. Leijser  from Someren.

77. Jambo, a colt by Tornesch out of a Heartbreaker x Cavalier dam. Breeder: H. Creemers  from Ospel.

82. Jalisca K, a filly by Vittorio out of a Rex Z x Kissovo dam. Breeder: H. Kusters from Nederweert.

86. Jaguar Bolide, a filly by Big Star Junior out of a Montreal x Voltaire dam. Breeder: C. Thiesen from Melderslo.

92. Jai, a colt by Chippendale out of a Dayano x OO Seven dam. Breeder: V. in ’t Zand from Einighausen.

93. Jaromy, a filly by Negro out of a Flemmingh x Notaris dam. Breeder: I. Schel from Weert.

94. Jai Ho, a filly by Everdale out of a Showstar x Ferro dam. Breeder: I. de Bruyn from Kleve.

95. Jeetjemina Irene S, a filly by Charmeur out of a Krack C x Purioso dam. Breeder: P. Selten from Gemert.

99. Sir Diamond H, a colt by Sir Donnerhall out of a Wolkentanz II x Castro dam. Breeder: N. Heunen from Puth.

107. Jordale, a colt by Lord Leatherdale out of a Florestan I x Statuar dam. Breeder: W. Puts from Roosteren.

108. Joukje W, a filly by Apache out of a Vivaldi x Osmium moerder. Breeder: J. van der Weerden from Meijel.

111. Jomahawk, a colt by Tomahawk out of a Krack C x Likoto XX dam. Breeder: H. Gassen from Heinsberg.

113. Jilona, a filly by Netto out of a Kennedy x Dageraad dam. Breeder: H. Schreurs from Tegelen.

115. Jaguar, a colt by Fairytale out of a Van The Man x Jazz dam. Breeder: A. de Crom from Weert.

121. Joline, a filly by Bojengel out of a Jazz x Krack C dam. Breeder: M. Miltenburg from Houten.

122. Jadoniro, a filly by De Niro out of a Don Primero x Florestan I dam. Breeder: F. Vaessen from Weert.

128. Jedorette, a filly by El Capone out of a Farrinton x Krack C dam. Breeder: J. Koopmans from Middelbeers.

129. Jutta, a filly by Enzo Ferrari out of a Florencio x Jazz dam. Breeder: M. Miltenburg from Houten.

130. Naam onbekend, colt by Charmeur out of a Negro x Whinny Jackson dam. R. Van Erp from Oss.

134. J’adore, a colt by Everdale out of a Vivaldo x El Corona dam. Breeder: A. van de Geijn from Haler.

137. Jazzy-Dora, a filly by Charmeur out of a Rhodium x Jazz dam. Breeder: P. Van Roosmalen from Mierlo.

140. Naam onbekend, colt by Everdale out of a Tenerife VDL x Flemmingh dam. Breeder: R. van Erp from Oss.