Selection commtiee for dressage foals has been created

29 April 2013

Perhaps you have read the article in this months ‘In De Strengen’ that the Limburg Foal Auction has attracted a new partner, this is Gertjan van Olst. The goal of this new partnership is to increase the number of dressage foals in the auction collection.
In order to optimally judge these dressage foals, the Limburg Foal Auction created a separate dressage selection committee. This committee contains of chairman Harrie Derks, Trudi Houwen and Gertjan van Olst.
This selection committee will be present at the selection days in Wanssum on June 24th and in Weert on July 29th. Therefore, be careful when you register your foal; you can only register your dressage foal for Wanssum and Weert. Jumping foals can be registered for all four selection days.
The selection committee for jumping foals will contain of chairman Harrie Derks, Cor Loeffen and Paul Hendrix.