New committee member at the Limburgse Veulenveiling

6 August 2019

The Stan Creemers from Limburg has been involved in the Limburg Foal Auction for a long time. Through his internship he ended up at the auction and after a successful completion he was offered a permanent appointment in the committee at the internationally known auction. Thanks to Stan’s fresh and young mindset, he is certainly an asset to the Limburg Foal Auction, which is already looking forward to working together in the coming years. To get to know Stan a little better, we interviewed him to find out about his vision and thoughts about the auction.

Enthusiast at heart
Stan has been working with horses since his childhood. Together with his father, who is also active in breeding, he always went with the horses to the auctions. Despite the fact that Stan really wanted to play football in his teens, he couldn’t ignore working with the horses. Now at the age of 25, with all the knowledge he has received from his father and others, he is busy setting up his own breeding line in show jumping. With now two proven jumping mares in his own possession and another broodmare in joint ownership, his first hobby breeding starts to grow more and more into a serious business.

Positive and refreshing
The vision of the new committee member about breeding is very positive and refreshing. “When I want to breed a foal, I think it is important that I always breed with a proven mare, apart from a good stallion. But the foal should not only be good on paper, because ultimately they also have to perform in real life. That’s why I always check very carefully whether the foal exterior is technically correct for the sport. Because with good paper but poor construction you are still nowhere. Nowadays you can see at many auctions that foals are selected almost purely on paper. Fortunately, at the Limburgse Veulenveiling we also look at what is really ahead of us, that alone makes it already a really good auction, says Stan Creemers. ”

Limburg breeder on a pedestal
In addition to not just selecting on paper, Stan gives another important reason which he believes that makes the Limburgse Veulenveiling unique. “The Limburgse Veulenveiling focuses primarily on breeders based in Limburg. The quality of the foal is really looked at during the selection days, Stan answers to the question what he finds special about the auction.” Stan is looking forward to the future at the Limburg Foal Auction and is therefore very happy with the opportunity to participate to be of.

The auction is getting closer. With 103 foals, 30 dressage foals and 73 jumping foals, in the collection we are really looking forward to September 25th.