Limburg Foal Auction adds 22 foals to collection

23 June 2015

The second selection round of the Limburg Foal Auction was held yesterday at the complex of Hengstenhouderij Jos & Trudi Houwen. The selection committee judged no less than 69 foals in total. The group consisted of 44 jumping foals and 25 dressage foals. Twenty-two foals have been selected for the auction (15 jumping foals and 7 jumping foals) that will take place on 23rd of September. These are the foals that have been selected (numbers correspond to the list of starting order):

4. Clarizzo MB Z, a colt by Clarimo out of an Arezzo x Roven dam. Breeder: Highfield Genetics uit Velp.

6. Kyfo, a colt byComme il Faut out of a Chelthago Z x Pharaon dam. Breeder: E. van Dooren from Boekel.

15. Naam onbekend, a colt byQuidam de Revel out of a Diarado x Grannus dam. Breeder: C. Mulders from Velden.

21. Valerio, a colt byVerdi out of a Burggraaf x Jasper dam. Breeder: H. Marcellis from Vredepeel.

22. Katinka B, a filly by First Verdi out of an Aerobic x Glendale dam. Breeder: M. Brentjes from Heythuysen.


26. Keep it Special, a colt byCanturano out of an Indorado x Carthago dam. Breeder: P. Goertz from Reuver.

27. Kampala, a colt by Cidane out of a Quidam de Revel x Crown Z dam. Breeder: Familie Peeters-Breukers fromSint Odilienberg.

28. Kick, a colt byHarley VDL out of a Numero Uno x Bernstein dam. Breeder: M. Stultiens from Weert.

32. Kella, a filly by Verdi out of a Ultimo x Casimir dam. Breeder: W. van den Heuvel from Berghem.

33. Karni, a filly by Berlin out of a Namelus R x G. Ramiro Z dam. Breeder: G. Sikes from Venray.


39. Kon-Tiki Blue, a filly by Zirocco Blue out of a Indoctro x Grannus dam. Breeder: J. Linders from Koningslust.

42. Kellogs, a colt by Eldorado van de Zeshoek out of a Vittorio x Chellano Z dam. Breeder: M. Schotanus fromLienden.

43. Kyvaro, a colt byCidane out of a Cavalier x Nimmerdor dam. Breeder: M. Van Rattingen from Oostrum.

44. Kenau, a filly by Flying Dream out of a Monaco x Farn dam. Breeder: J. Berkvens from Nederweert.

45. Kasper, a colt byNumero Uno out of a Berlin x Jasper dam. Breeder: G. & B. Sikes & Rahel from Venray.


48. Klaartje, a filly by Ferdinand out of a Rousseau x Negro dam. Breeder: A. de Crom from Weert.

53. Kodora SRV, a filly by Lord Leatherdale out of an Andretti x Jetset D dam. Breeder: Stoeterij Raayerveld from Baarlo.

55. Kazim, a colt byLord Leatherdale out of a Special D x Kennedy dam. Breeder: H. Peeters from Venray.

64. Kelly Delin, a filly by Fairytale out of a Wynton x Flemmingh dam. Breeder: J. Deenen from Heijen.

71. Kane VDM, a colt byEye Catcher out of a Democraat x Bonheur dam. Breeder: P. van Dijk from Ottersum.


73. Kyralid, a filly by Glamourdale out of a United x Jazz dam. Breeder: J. Hermanussen from Beers.

74. Kolbert, a colt byGovenor out of a Ferro x G. Ramiro Z dam. Breeder: H. Verdellen from Horst.

By adding these 22 foals, the collection of the Limburg Foal Auction consists of 27 foals now. The next selection round will be on Monday July 13th in Den Hout on the complex of Van Olst Horses.