Limburg develops positively

18 October 2012

Article from the Dutch equestrian magazine ‘Hoefslag’ dated October 18th 2012
The initiative of Paul Hendrix to take over the organisation of the Limburger Foal Auction has been proved successful. The auction realised an increase of the average selling price of 800 euro compared to last year. This year’s results entirely go against the tendency of the current Dutch foal auction market. The average selling price amounted 6.205 euro. The most expensive foal called Houdini (Berlin x Heartbreaker) changed owners for 18.000 euro. It is characteristic of the Limburger Foal Auction that no less than fourty per cent of the foals were sold abroad.
The foal auction benefited of the combination with the auction of 4-, 5- and 6-year-old show jumpers which is also organised by Hendrix, the Dutch Sport Horse Sales (DSHS). ‘Indeed, some customers that went to the DSHS also came to the Limburger Foal Auction’, according to Hendrix. ‘Yet, the high quality of the foal collection plays the largest role in this year’s success. I have emphasized before on the fact that the breeding of jumping horses in Limburg is of a high level and this was shown by our collection. I had confidence in these foals and I gave the guarantee on forehand that I would take over the foals that would not get the opening bid of 3000 euro.’
Also the Dutch Sport Horse Sales can definitely be called a success. With 86.520 euro, the auction of young talented jumpers produced the highest average selling price in the history of this event. Hendrix: ‘Perhaps we should nuance this because we auctioned 6-year-olds for the first time. But it was definitely a big success.’ The top prices for the 25 show jumpers, of which 23 were sold abroad, were fetched by the 5-year-olds. The most expensive horse was Cupido (Harley VDL x Ircolando). This gelding was sold for 200.000 euro.
Hoefslag (PvP)