JongKWPN members get trained by selection committee Limburg Foal Auction

15 May 2014

For the third year in a row, the Limburg Foal Auction and the JongKWPN work together during the five selection days of the auction held in Weert. Many JongKWPN members applied for his ‘internship’ with the very respectable selection committee. It is a nice initiative so young breeding enthusiasts can learn from connoisseurs concerning the judging of foals.

The Limburg Foal Auction has two selection committees: one for judging jumping foals and one for dressage foals. The jumping committee contains the judges Harrie Derks (chairman), Cor Loeffen and Paul Hendrix. The dressage committee has the judges Harrie Derks, Trudi Houwen and Gertjan van Olst.

The selected JongKWPN members are:
– Panningen (May 27th): Jeroen Strik
– Wanssum (June 23rd): Jorg van Os
– Den Hout (July 14th): Dirk-Jan van Horssen
– Koningsbosch (July 23rd): Steven Rouers
– Weert (July 28th): Jenneke Smit

Breeders can subscribe their foals here.
The Limburg Foal Auction will be held on Wednesday September 24th in the city of Weert.