Highly successful edition of Limburg Foal Auction with an average price of 9.100 Euro

22 September 2016

Over a hundred foals were sold by auctioneer Koen Olaerts at the Limburg Foal Auction this afternoon and this evening. The sixteenth edition of the Limburg Foal Auction has been extremely successful, with an average price of 9.100 Euros, a dressage top-seller for 45.000 Euros and a jumping foal for 34.000 Euros.

Today, many breeders turned out satisfied and many buyers were full of enthusiasm during the Limburg Foal Auction at Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen. In a smooth auction, Koen Olaerts auctioned a total of 107 jumping and dressage foals for great prices. Besides a number of expensive top-sellers, a great number of foals was sold for a satisfying price for both the breeders and the buyers, many of these foals were sired by young, promising stallions.

Selector Cor Loeffen was a happy man afterwards. “We have discussed the number of foals quite sometimes, but we can be glad to have chosen for this great number of foals again. Of course, we could also only auction the best fifty foals of today and leave the other fifty out. But then there are also fifty breeders who do not sell their foals”, Cor Loeffen stated afterwards. “In the end, we organize this auction on behalf of the breeders and for us it is of great importance to offer our breeders a podium to sell their product. We are delighted to see Limburg Foal Auction has succeeded in this again this year!”

The top-seller of the auction became the dressage colt Lardeaux (Ferdeaux x Wynton). The exceptional mover stays in The Netherlands for a price of 45.000 Euros. The most expensive showjumping foals almost all ended up in Turkish hands. The Carpe Diem Equestrian Team purchased no less than five foals, including the sales star of the jumping foals Leon Hodieza (Comme il Faut x Nassau) for 34.000 Euros. For 27.000 Euros, Loupiac (Toulon x Numero Uno) goes to Turkey as well, just as Qaloubet of Paddocks (Balou du Rouet x Quidam de Revel) and L’Ornetta (Cornet Obolensky x Cardento) for 26.000 Euros and Lexapro of Cicero (Cicero van Paemel Z x Indoctro) for 14.000 Euros.

The last foal of the evening, Le Kannan’s Diamond (Kannan x Indoctro), stays in the Netherlands for 22.000 Euros. Also Livy (Cicero van Paemel Z x Voltaire) for 18.000 Euros, Lockoff (Toulon x Numero Uno) for 18.000 Euros, Langkawi (Berlin x Indoctro) for 17.000 Euros and 15.000 Euros Lady Blue Especiale (Cardento x Indoctro) all stay in The Netherlands.

In addition to the dressage top-seller Lardeaux, the powerful colt Di Caprio van Hof ter Wilde (De Niro x Ferro) was sold to Belgium for 14.000 Euros. The filly Lurona (Glamourdale x Negro) leaves to the United States for 11.000 Euros. The average of the dressage foals stood at 8.250 Euros, while the jumping foals got new owners for an average price of 9.400 Euros. The Limburg Foal Auction can look back on a fantastic sixteenth edition of the auction in all aspects.

The organization and the board of the Limburg Foal Auction congratulates the buyers and breeders and likes thank everyone who contributed to this successful event. See you next year!

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