Good prices for well bred jumping foals at Limburg Foal Auction

3 October 2018

The Limburg Foal Auction has succeeded well in the goal of creating sales for the mainly regional bred foals. International customers got a good buy during this 18th edition. Good prices are paid for the high end of the collection, led by top seller Nikan’s Diamond (s.Kannan) with a price of € 30,000.

Limburgse Veulenveiling 2018
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Buyers from countries as Ireland, America, Mexico, Jordan, England, Finland and Canada often raised their hands during the Limburg Foal Auction at Equestrian Center De Peelbergen. Also by telephone and online there was a lot of interest for the 100 foals, especially the second part of the auction. “The first part was a bit laborious and we got confirmed that realistic prices are paid for normal foals”, acknowledges Paul Hendrix. “The Limburg Foal Auction has set the goal from the beginning to create sales for the regional breeding area, and the majority of the foals has got new owners tonight. With this we have been able to facilitate many breeders. We also had a couple of high quality foals, and they caused exciting bidding duels.”

Full of potential
The Kannan colt Nikan’s Diamond is bred out of the Grand Prix mare Minka’s Diamond yielded the top price of 30,000 euros and is purchased by buyers from Germany. Also the Cornet Obolensky foal Nice Guy Especiale has a successful Grand Prix mare in his damline and was sold for 23,000 euros to the United States of America. For the same price the Catoki-son Sacramento of the Paddocks was bought by a Dutch owner syndicate, and also the powerful Emerald colt No Nonsense GS raised a price of 20.000 euro. He is one of the foals who will continue his career in Ireland. “Good prices were paid for high quality foals bred out of very good damlines. 19 foals were sold for over 10,000 euros and we realized an average price of 8,500 euros for the jumping foals.” The average price of the dressage foals, in terms of number in the minority, was about 3,000 euros lower. “Our auction is a good reflection of the breeding area, which is mainly focussed on showjumping. We offered a various collection and we hope that the buyers will be very lucky with these young talents”, concludes Paul Hendrix.