Collection 2016: kick-off in Panningen

25 May 2016

The kick-off of the Limburg Foal Auction took place yesterday. The first selection round was held in Panningen, Limburg province. The committee has selected four foals that are definitely selected and two foals that are provisionally selected for the auction that will be organised on Wednesday September 21st in Kronenberg.

The foals that are definitely selected (number correspond to the list of starting order):

– 2 Izzy Miyaka, a filly by Berlin out of a Casall x Carolus I dam.
– 3 Look Especiale, a filly by Canturano out of a Vittorio x Indorado dam.
– 23 Vandinos, a colt by Vannan out of a Lordanos x Caesar van de Helle dam.
– 24 Lediella, a filly by Carambole out of a Orame x Lemmod dam.

The foals that are provisionally selected:

– 14 Largita, a filly by Cape Coral RBF Z out of a Vittorio x Orthos dam.
– 32 Elvis Uno VHR Z, a filly by Elvis ter Putte out of a Numero Uno x Lux Z dam.

The next selection round wil be held on Tuesday June 28th.

You can subscribe your foal here.