Watch Dutch Sport Horse Sales and Limburg Foal Auction with ClipMyHorse

13 September 2014

The well-known auction Dutch Sport Horse Sales will take place on Tuesday September 23rd in Weert, located in Limburg province. The day after, no less than 108 foals will be sold during the Limburg Foal Auction. Watching the auction with your own eyes is off course the most exciting. But the organisation has good news if you are unable to come in person: the auctions, and also the Dutch Sport Horse Sales presentation on Monday, can be watched with the live stream provided by ClipMyHorse.

By visiting the website of the auctions, or to go directly to, you can see what is going on in the arena by using your computer, smartphone or tablet. In that way, you do not have to miss anything of these beautiful equestrian events. Go to www.clipmyhorse.tvor visit the websites www.dutchhorsesales.comor www.limburgseveulenveiling.nlto watch the live steam.

Dutch Sport Horse Sales – Presentation
Monday September 22nd – 19.30 hours

Dutch Sport Horse Sales – Auction
Tuesday September 23rd – 19.30 hours

Limburg Foal Auction – Presentation
Wednesday September 24th – 10.00 hours

Limburg Foal Auction – Auction
Wednesday September 24th – 15.00 hours

The organisation makes use of a system that supports watching the live stream and makes it more transparent. It is called DAI (Dynamic Auction Information). The system shows you in real time where the bids exactly come from. So in which corner of the arena people are bidding. This makes watching the auction online more fun.