Selection round Weert confirms strong collection

29 July 2015

The list of starting order in Weert counted 140 foals. The selection round in Weert has always ba the most popular selection round. Many spectators came to look at the horses in the summer sun.

Both selection committees started the selection round with the knowledge that already 58 foals have ba selection during previous selection round. 43 of these foals are jumping foals and 15 are dressage foals. The following foals were added to the collection yesterday:

11 – Irano SEP, a stallion foal by Untouched out of a Marlon x Nimmerdor mother. Breeder: W. Peeters from Oirlo.

19 – It’s a Merkelbach, a stallion foal by Cormint out of a Chico’s Boy x Aloube mother. Breeder: H. Merkelbach from Eindhoven.

33 – Je Taime Z, a stallion foal by Je Taime Flamenco out of a Indoctro x L Ronald mother. Breeder: F. Vaessen from Weert.

41 – Fireball Z, a stallion foal by Flipper d’Elle out of a Rebel I Z x Jimtown mother. Breeder: L. Sneijers from Beek en Donk.

45 – Ici, a stallion foal by Douglas out of a Lux x Burggraaf mother. Breeder: Fam. Laumans from Beesel.

47 – Indokilly A, a stallion foal by Numero Uno out of a Ahorn x Cassis mother. Breeder: T. Allers from Neer.

54 – Izomaris, a stallion foal by Durango out of a Goodtimes x Alasca mother. Breeder: H. by de Coowijk from Berghem.

59 – I Germa, a mare foal by Don Diablo out of a Caretino x Ladalco mother. Breeder: H. Kusters from Nederweert.

66 – Ikoon, a stallion foal by Entertainer out of a Canturano x Colander mother. Breeder: F. de Crom from Someren-Heide.

67 – It’s Rève Diamond, a stallion foal by Nabab de Rève out of a Indoctro x Ahorn mother. Breeder: J. Timmermans from Venlo.

70 – Igor, a stallion foal by Ishallah de Muze out of a Dageraad x Concorde mother. Breeder: J. de Crom from Maasbree.

71 – Iron Knight V, a stallion foal by Indoctro out of a Riverman x Burggraaf mother. Breeder: J. Verstappen from Swalmen.

73 – Infinity, a stallion foal by Bustique out of a Iroko x G. Ramiro Z mother. Breeder: H. Vervoorn-Knaap from Brakel.

78 – Ide, a stallion foal by Emilion out of a Wietvot x Carthago mother. Breeder: J.W. Greve from Haaksbergen.

79 – Igor by de Hees, a stallion foal by Dutch Design out of a Goodtimes x Burggraaf mother. Breeder: M. Lenssen from Sevenum.

85 – Ilarnike, a mare foal by Clarimo out of a Heartbreaker x Monaco mother. Breeder: W. Sikes from Venray.

86 – Idine, a mare foal by Numero Uno out of a Voltaire x Corland mother. Breeder: W. Beijers from Vlierden.

90 – If You Dare, a stallion foal by Bustique out of a G. Ramiro Z x Cor de la Bryere mother. Breeder: H. Vervoorn-Knaap from Brakel.

93 – Cordy Z, a stallion foal by Crown Z out of a Corial Z x Marlando mother. Breeder: R. Janssen from Neerkant.

95 – Isa Ianche, a mare foal by Emerald out of a Chin Chin x Emilion mother. Breeder: J. Govers en J. by Erp from Heesch.

101 – Igor SRV, a stallion foal by Charmeur out of a Oscar x Apollonios mother. Breeder: Stoeterij Raayerveld from Baarlo.

104 – Inferno, a stallion foal by Everdale out of a Trento B x Gabor mother. Breeder: J. Gloudemans from Nuland.

109 – Irene Norene, a mare foal by Desperado out of a Zichem x Purioso mother. Breeder: P. Selten from Gemert.

115 – Indigo B, a stallion foal by Charmeur out of a Rubin Royal x Sandro Hit mother. Breeder: P. Bongers from Alweerterheide.

118 – Ibyo, a stallion foal by Everdale out of a Johnson x Variant mother. Breeder: Y. by Maasacker from Cuijk.

119 – Isah, a mare foal by Chippendale out of a Krack C x Ferro mother. Breeder: A. Verdellen from Hegelsom.

136 – Innocent Man, a stallion foal by Charmeur out of a Sandro Hit x Weltmeyer mother. Breeder: C. Joosten from Ospel.

142 – Idane, a stallion foal by Cidane out of a Indorado x Jasper mother. Breeder: W. Sikes from Venray.

144 – Infinity Bolide, a mare foal by Numero Uno out of a Montreal x Voltaire mother. Breeder: C. Thiesen from Melderslo.

The stallion foal It’s Jambo became the champion of the jumping foals during the Cental Keuring in Sevenum. The breeder, G. de Crom from Ospel, also won a wildcard for the Limburg Foal Auction because of this. He made use of this offer. It’s Jambo is an offspring by Balou du Rouet out of a Cavalier x Concorde mother.

With his last wildcard-foal included, the collection of the Limburg Foal Auction 2013 counts 88 foals. In total 66 jumping foals and 22 dressage foals will be auctioned on September 25th. The organisation and the breeders are now preparing for the film- and picture day on Monday August 5th.