Panningen: ten foals selected for Limburg Foal Auction

31 May 2017

The first selection round of the Limburg Foal Auction was held yesterday under perfect weather conditions at the facility of riding school ‘De Cavaliers’ in Panningen. The evening was marked by many quality foals. No less than 10 out of the 26 foals were selected for the foal auction that will take place on Wednesday September 27th in Kronenberg, The Netherlands.

Member of the selection committee Paul Hendrix about the first selection round: “We have seen a wide diversity in offspring of younger and older stallions. We keep looking critically at the offspring of proven stallions. We want to have the well modelled foals of those studs.

The dam lines of the foals that come to our selection rounds exceed the average quality. That is why we were able to make the beginning of a splendid collection for our auction this year. With foals of both upcoming stallions, of which we have high expectations, as well as stallions that have proven to be good sires. All the foals that were selected tonight were bred by Limburg breeders. We stand for our region and try to promote that. It is great to see that we have these high quality foals within our own region.”

These are the foals that have been selected (numbers correspond with the order of go):

– 2 Massaugune, a filly by Nassau out of an Amino x G Ramiro Z dam.
– 3 Michiemant Keysershof, a colt by Diamant de Semilly out of an Astrello x Clinton dam.
– 13 Merano, a colt by Kannan out of a Heartbreaker x Ekstein dam.
– 15 Midnight, a colt by Entertainer out of an Oklund x Voltaire dam.
– 26 Memory Morka, a filly by Gaspahr out of a Diarado x Nimmerdor dam.
– 32 Maurits, a colt by Hernandez out of a Carpaccio x Landgraf I dam.
– 34 Match, a colt by Cardento out of an Oklund x Quattro B dam.
– 35 Miss Fiade, a filly by Hermantico out of an Ustinov x Animo dam.
– 37 Mekkelik zat P, a colt by Berlin out of an Indoctro x Darco dam.
– 38 Midnight, a colt by Comme il Faut out of a Numero Uno x Cantos dam.

The next selection round takes place on Monday June 19th in Wanssum at the venue of Jos and Trudie Houwen. Would you like to participate at this selection round? Subscribe your foal here.

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